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My Great History

With its roots set in South America, Yerba Maté can be traced back as far as the early 1500’s before the arrival of the Spanish. In the early 1600’s a Spanish explorer by the name of Juan de Solis reported that the Guarani Indians (Indigenous Native Indian’s of South America) were drinking a tea infused from leaves that,

“Produced exhilaration and relief of fatigue.” (1)

There are many Guarani legends however one I particularly enjoy that was told to me by my grandfather and can also be found in the journal titled “South American Herbs” by Daniel B. Mowrey, Ph.D. is as follows:

The legend states that the ancestors of the Guarani Indians crossed the great oceans from a distant land and settled in the America’s. Two brothers of the tribe named Tupi and Guarani fought for leadership of their people and eventually the tribe was divided into two, each tribe adopting the name of their leader.

The Tupi tribe rejected their traditional lifestyle and became violent and nomadic people, with their culture centred on the consumption of a drink made from the Guarana tree. Eventually the Tupi tribe declined and
became extinct.

The Guarani tribe however adopted the culture and traditions of their ancestor’s and continued to cultivate and work the land. The Guarani Indians were religious people who looked forward to the arrival of their God. One day the Guarani’s God (Pa’ I Shume) descended from the heavens and provided them with religious knowledge, skills on how to farm the land whilst teaching them the healing and medicinal properties of the native plants. One of the greatest secrets that their god told them was how to harvest
and prepare the leaves of the Yerba Mate Tree to bring their tribe health
and vitality. From then Yerba Mate became the healing plant for the
Guarani people.(2) This could be why Yerba Mate has come to be known as,

" The Drink of the God’s "

As the demand for Yerba Mate continued to rise, Jesuit Missionaries began to set up plantations throughout Paraguay using indigenous labour in order to make the missions self sustaining. It’s believed that the Jesuits were the first to cultivate the plant- Ilex Paraguariensis (Botanical name of the Yerba Mate tree)
and the tea soon became known as, the “Jesuit’s Tea”.

In 1673, a Jesuit priest by the name of Nicolas Del Techo described
Yerba Mate stating:

Too many virtues are attributed to this herb, it acts as a soporific at the same time as it stimulates; calms the appetite
at the same time it aids digestion. It restores strength,
brings happiness, and cures many diseases”

In 1767, The Jesuits were expelled from the Spanish territories and as a result the production of Yerba Mate was significantly reduced, cultivation methods were lost and people went back to traditional forest harvesting.

As the popularity of Yerba Mate continued to grow commercial harvesting began and in 1882 the tree was given its botanical name by a French naturalist and botanist called Auguste de Saint Hilaire.

Today, in many parts of South America, Yerba Mate is considered a
national drink and in Europe it’s called,
“The green gold of the Indios” (3)

The traditional way of drinking Yerba Mate is by placing approximately 30- 40 grams of Yerba Mate into a gourd or cup, adding hot (Not boiling!) water then sipping it through a filtered metal straw. Drinking Yerba Mate is common at social gatherings and has become a union of bonding, conversation and friendship throughout South America not much unlike other teas around the world.

Growing up, my mother would tell me it was good for me and that I should drink Yerba Mate instead of chocolate milk, coffee or tea. I grew up occasionally drinking Yerba Matē with hot milk, called- (mate cosido)
whilst other children drank chocolate milk.

It wasn't until I met my granddad in Uruguay when I was 21 that I began drinking Yerba Mate consistently in it's traditional form. Before this time I weighed 85 kilos, my diet consisted of junk food, soft drinks and no exercise as I just didn't have the energy. During my trip to Uruguay whilst drinking Maté, I lost 28 kilos in 4 months but it wasn't’t by drinking Yerba Maté alone although it did give me the energy to walk many miles. I wiped out all junk food, included lots of fruit, vegetables & protein in my daily diet.
I stopped drinking soft drinks and I exercised for approx. 45 minutes per day.

Moderation and consistency seems to be the key words when it comes to loosing weight, living a healthy lifestyle or getting the best from this great beverage.

On return to my home land in AUSTRALIA i began introducing Yerba Mate to all my friends from different nationalities. People started reporting a feeling of well being, increased energy and their skin looked fantastic! Before you know it I was supplying Yerba Mate to many fans. This in turn inflamed my curiosity and I began researching journals and world wide trials on Yerba Mate.
When I tested Yerba Mate analytically through a food laboratory I was shocked at the amount of vitamins and minerals that were found in my specially selected Yerba Mate!!! Allot of these vitamins and minerals are found in our most nutritious fruits and vegetables.

In 2006 I returned to South America and back packed from Argentina up to Northern Brasil and then back down through the South visiting growers, manufacturers and speaking to experts in the field.

Through my research I found that, the growing, manufacturing and drying processes of Yerba Mate are vital steps that contribute to its nutritional values, taste and aroma.

A woman traveling alone through these areas was definitely a mission never to be forgotten but I now know it was what I was meant to do,
find my soul mate and introduce it all to you.... My Great Mate:).
Guided by something greater than myself I eventually found and selected what I truly believe to be the best premium quality Yerba Mate you'll ever taste.

I now bring you all ….An Original Premium Quality
100% (Ilex Paraguariensis)Yerba Maté!

In today’s society, following the traditional Yerba Mate drinking methods have become increasingly difficult as carrying your Mate kit to work, where it’s most needed isn't’t always a convenient option. That’s why Nature’s Green Gold has brought to you the wise nutritional values and traditions from the past in a simple and convenient Yerba Mate bag.

"We call it, My Great Mate, "Nature's Green gold in a cup"

Our Tea bags are native wild harvest- Yummy, and NATURAL so next time you reach out for a cuppa, why not reach out for one that actually improves your well being and your day.



Old wooden shed- cut the harvested
Ilex- Paraguariensis branches

Historical photo of a farmer in front of an
Ilex- Paraguariensis Tree

Traditional Yerba Mate drinking Method

A gaucho's daily breakfast

Learning all about growing, harvesting, manufacturing and drying of Yerba Mate from local experts

Wondering Yerba Maté fields

Me in front of an Ilex- Paraguariensis Tree

Modern and convenient way of drinking Yerba Maté!

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