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What’s the Yerba Maté hype?!

A study from the department of Dermatology at Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta was published in a brief article, Natural Health Sep, 2007 v37 i8 p30 stating,  
“Yerba Mate has anti- inflammatory effect that may help treat skin disorders like psoriasis”. (101)

An article in the Sydney Morning Herald AUS on Dec 2007, pg 33 interviews the famous Golfer about his drinking of Yerba Mate with Allensby saying, “I’m out there all day. You need to keep your energy. You need to sustain your focus. That’s why we call it Focus Energy”, and then goes on to say, “This brings you up a little bit and keeps you there all day. It’s pretty cool”. (102)

The benefits of Yerba Mate were also discussed in a recent article in Men’s Health Magazine AUS: Nov 2007 v22 i9 p50 titled Why it’s healthy”: “It’s like green tea on steroids, with up to 90% more powerful cancer fighting antioxidants, a vache of B vitamins, and plenty of chromium, which helps stabilize blood sugar levels. Plus its bolstering effect on metabolism is so valued that many diet pills list mate as an ingredient.”  (103)

People Magazine in the March 2007 USA edition? In their section of what’s in and what’s out they list Yerba Mate in the what’s in collum writing, “Mate Tea, This is a natural source of caffeine that people are turning to instead of energy sodas”. Quote was from Amanda Freeman, Sir Ventures, a marketing and brand strategy firm. (104)

MEN’S JOURNAL August 2007 USA on page 77 in Health and Fitness section appears an article calling Yerba Mate, “The other Green Tea”, and written in the article is how Yerba Mate drinking the tradition Gaucho way with the gourd (hollowed out gourd cup) and bomilla (filtered straw), “ a technique that helps free Mate’s nearly 200 active compounds’. This is extraordinary! I didn’t even know that! (105)

Alive Magazine USA had an article, “Better than Chocolate” writing about how consumers preferred Yerba Mate as a healthy alternative to tea or coffee. They also include more information like, “Chemical substances found in Mate may help the body to break down fat and turn it into energy”. (106)

Delicious Living USA magazine featured an article in their Wellness/ Nutrition section with the title, “Mate’s Buzz- Still slurping Coffee?” In the article they mention that, “Matē is rich in polyphenol antioxidants that may protect against atherosclerosis and cancer”. (Biofactors 2006, vol 26, no.1; Mutation Research, 2004, vol 554 no. 1) (107)

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