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My Great Mate")

Natures Green Gold proudly introduces South America’s secret
of well being and vitality to Australian homes and Cafes.

Try our a variety of My Great Mates at our new
Yerba Mate Cafe/ showroom located at Greystanes NSW!

Yerba Mate: (YER-ba MAH-tay)

Yerba Mate is a great alternative to Tea or Coffee providing a
natural source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants . .

You haven't tried Yerba Mate until you've tried the
smooth taste and aroma of Premium quality Yerba Mate, My Great Mate
Ilex paraguariensisIlex paraguariensis
Traditional Yerba Maté

Traditionally Yerba Matē is prepared by placing the loose leaves
into a hollowed out gourd infused with hot water (not boiling)
and sipped through a filtered metal straw.

Yerba Mate has been used as a base for herbal medicines in South America going back centuries and has been buzzing with attention world wide
for it’s nutritional, antioxidant & stimulating qualities.

Nature’s Green Gold now brings you this traditional drink in convenient
tea bags, Traditional Fresh loose Yerba Mate in 1kg or 3kg bags!!!
We proudly introduce to you, premium quality Yerba Mate,
“My Great Mate!”
Ilex paraguariensisIlex paraguariensis
My Great Mate's History

With its roots set in South America, Yerba Mate can be traced back as far as the early 1500’s before the arrival of the Spanish.

In the early 1600’s a Spanish explorer by the name of Juan de Solis
reported that the Guarani Indians
(Indigenous Native Indian’s of South America)
were drinking a tea infused from leaves that,

“produced exhilaration and relief of fatigue.”
Ilex paraguariensisIlex paraguariensis
Why is my Great Mate so good?

There are many brands and flavors although it is important to note that stems and even sticks or leaves from other plants in the ilex family don't offer the same nutritional values that 100% Ilex Paraguariensis does.
Seed selection, growing, harvesting and drying techniques play a big part when it comes to producing a premium quality Yerba Mate that offers nutritional value whilst also an unforgettable aroma and taste.

My Great Mate Yerba Mate Tea is 100% pure Yerba Mate!
It is specially selected and extracted from native Yerba Mate plantations, satisfying the most demanding palates.

Our manufacturing results in a purer product and with stronger flavor, maintaining nutritional properties so abundantly found in Yerba mate.
We pride ourselves on our carefully selected Yerba Mate and trust you will enjoy the premium, original taste and unforgettable quality of,
Ilex paraguariensis “My Great Mate!” Ilex paraguariensis

Modern Tea drinking Infussion

Traditional Yerba Mate drinking method

Ilex Paraguariensis Tree



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Who are our Great Mates?

People of all ages, all around the world are catching on to the great taste and nutritional benefits
of Yerba Mate. Come and check out our Great Mate Wall of Fame where we show you who is
enjoying My Great Mate and where its creating a buzz.

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